Margarida Silva is a Munich based communication designer.

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ARION / Responsive Website & Branding

September 2019

This project holds the re-branding and website of the group Arion, Mobiliário e Decoração, Lda.

With their new image and presentation their main goal is to reaffirm themselves on the market.


June 2017

Re-Group is an Epub that relates three different designers: Karel Martens, Paul Elliman and Sulki & Min. The briefing requested the relation between two designers and how their work reflected on each other, exposing the references network that connect the design world. This work, emphasise the graphic relation between Karel Martens and Sulki & Min but also enlighten the influence of Paul Elliman in both.

This publication creates visual and theoretically associations that allows the reader to understand
the relationship between all designers and their several work.


Available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y0vGlX9jdG388lPpCesALHbdFDfbH7-J

EPHEMERA / Editorial & Identity

January 2018

Ephemera is born from the fusion of two concepts: ephemeral — that means something that lasts for only a brief short time — and ephemeralization  — a concept from Buckminster Fuller ­that is the underlying of doing more with less, both under a environmental and technological view, gave us the foundation of our magazine.

VEOMO / Responsive Website

August 2019

Visit at: www.veomo.com


October 2018

8th Graduate Show of Communication Design of FBAUL — Crise de Identidade, in the gallery of FBAUL between the 2nd
until the 24th of October, 2018.

Beyond an exhibition, it was complemented with a catalogue, a website and a cultural programme, with conversations around the theme of the exhibition — identity crisis.

The starting point was the students projects developed in the last year of the their academic path and what linked all of them was a constant identity crisis, being this concept one of many that portraits our youth and generation that is looking for a balance between extreme points and too many options to be made.




June 2017

The purpose of this project was to develop a special edition of a contemporary artist through the perspective of the pos-modernist new wave sprit.

“Noiserv: Visible Orchestra” is a visual appropriation of the new wave period to a portuguese contemporary musician. It reflects an visual and experimental approach of the artist sounds through the limits of form and typography.


June 2018

Zeitgeist is a portrait of the 90’s subculture: grunge. The project aim was to find a way to characterized a specific generation that stood out and why it did.

Since is an interpretation of a moment of the past I decided to create an interactive Epub that would allow the reader to relate to this moment of history and understand the reasons for its happening through videos, images galleries and a visual portrait of the grunge generation — a today’s view over the past.


Available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16qqd8FP9YyrCpxB3hUrw9tbJeykYgyge?usp=sharing

VEOMO / Product Interface & App


Veomo Mobility Info is a web-app software that creates awareness for alternative mobility solutions and simplify access to information.

It visualises real-time mobility information on big screens, gathering public transportation, car sharing, ride hailing, scooter sharing, bike sharing and ride sharing all together in one place.

It is available as web-app software and a soon to be lauched app.

Visit at: www.veomo.com

MEMÓRIAS DO FROUXO / Responsive Website

June 2017

Memórias do Frouxo is a responsive website born from the meaning of the symbology of Bordados de Castelo Branco (an artwork from my hometown). It creates a graphic narrative through a diagram with illustrations associatedto key moments of Portugal history.


June 2018

Play Video

This project was a prototype opening titles for a Marguerite Yourcenar tale, How Wang Fô Was Saved.

In this short story, the author creates a universe that subtly merges beauty with violence where the limits of reality is the paintings of the principal character. Nature is used as a catalyser where in the most
fatidic ends you can find the purest of beauty’s.

ABOUT JANE / Editorial & Photography

January 2017

Jane Doe is a photobook that was created under the idea of solitude cinema. The book allows the reader to create its own narrative because of the way it was made, the pages are cut in the middle and each reader can create different compositions under the theme of the photobook.

WIDEN / Editorial

February 2017

Widen has the goal of afirming itself as a small manual for designers and those who aspire to be one, approaching basic elements of the field of design, enlightens them to work on other artistic fields.

Going from colour to typography, from formats and textures, this book covers the beginning and formalization of desing until its contemporaneity, looking to upbring the proximity between Desing and other areas like, Paiting, Sculpture, Photography, Arquitecture, etc.